Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gay Marriage - Whatta Bunch of Whiners

All this conflict over a word, wow! Why does it matter so much to gay people whether they get to call it "marriage" or not? It's just a word and some associated rights that I consider unimportant as long as nobody is trying to take them away from me! Seriously, the majority has spoken on this issue that affects me not at all and is none of my business. Don't they know that people who think like me will spend millions of dollars to prevent them from destroying the sanctity of this sacred institution by applying the word "marriage" to what I've been indoctrinated to believe are deviant and sinful relationships? I am completely unaware of the irony of what I'm saying!

It's not like they can't marry whoever they want, as long as they're of the opposite sex and therefore of no romantic interest to them. Oh, waaaaahh, they don't want to marry someone of the opposite sex? It's their choice to feel that way, and although I have absolutely no evidence to support this statement, I will repeat it over and over again. I feel comfortable saying these things because my pastor, some guys on TV, and all my friends back me up. Also, it says in the Bible that homosexuality is a sin, right next to the part where it says that cutting the hair around my temples is punishable by death. Everybody just ignores that part, though, as it clearly doesn't apply to contemporary society.

Furthermore, same-sex couples can't have children, which everyone knows is the prime purpose for a marriage. Yeah, me and my wife can't have kids for medical reasons, but that's totally different for reasons I cannot clearly articulate! And now, the gays and all their liberal, whiny friends are infringing on MY God-given right to prevent them from doing things I don't like! They keep trying to force their views down my throat by loudly refusing to let me remove their civil liberties! Talk about intolerance!

Sheesh! The nerve of these people.

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